Italy Journal – July 19

I’m finally writing about our trip to Italy and oh what a journey this has been. Exciting, wonderful, confusing and exhausting as well.

Taking thing from the beginning I have decided to start this story on July 13th, almost one week ago. Back then we were still in Canada scrambling to finish packing, charging our electronic devices for the trip, and most important of all, writing the thank you letter from our wedding… Yes, from our wedding almost a year ago.  Lynn was so wonderful about this, she offered to mail them for us and got us organized and writing the cards in no time. We finished with minutes to spare before leaving for our flight.

We got Maverick into his carrier (he tried to hide from us and almost succeeded). The little “Pesky” new that something was going on. Cats are so smart! (well… sometimes).

What follows was a 30ish minutes drive to the airport by our always trusty driver “John”.

Checking in took a little more time than we had in mind. The good news is that we arrived at the desk before a wave of people (I think mostly German) that were ready to say Auf Wiedersehen to Calgary.

Security was a little bit trickier though. I had to take Maverick out of the carrier, remove his collar (because it has metal tags that are a “No, no” when you’re going thru the metal detector). I was already closing my eyes in anticipation of Mav’s claws in my back, but to my surprise he was just too scared to even try to move. He was a tiny ball of fur on my arms. I’ll take that over a bleeding back anytime. We wave our final goodbyes to Jim and Lynn and headed to our gate. We had a beer and some food before we boarded the plane.

Our seats had a bit more leg room than the “economic class” which was great news for Geoff and his long legs. The flight to Frankfurt was uneventful (thank you god!!). We had a supper and lunch with a forced nap in between as per the flight attendant’s orders, or as he put it: “Good night” – followed by the closing of the window blinds with a Marlboro box (duty free cigarettes anyone?).

We watched a movie, tried to sleep and/or read. And before we new it we were already in Europe.

Maverick was mostly sleeping during the flight. We didn’t give him food, just water which he drank. You must think we are horribly parents to our little cat, but the vet strongly recommended we didn’t feed him during the flight for fear of him throwing up because of the stress and inhaling his vomit. Side note: we love our vet, she’s so straight forward.

Anyways, Mav’s was a champion. When we got to Germany we had to go through customs and do the whole shenanigans again. This time a customs lady took Maverick and I to an empty room, so he wouldn’t be so scare when we took him out of the carrier. All the while she was telling Mavs a bunch of endearing terms in German. She was very sweet, and Maverick was – once again – a little ball of fur.

I was so tired that when we took the second flight that I just closed my eyes and fell into a deep slumber. When I opened them, I was rewarded with the beautiful sight of Italy. As soon as we landed I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of people clapping and cheering in Italian.

As soon as we got to the hotel we got Mav’s litter box out, some of his food and we finally let him out of his carrier. After a few minutes of hiding he came out, ate all his food and went back to be the beautiful lovely kitty that we know. He is a Fink after all, food makes him happy.

The hotel is nice and cool, which is a blessing in this weather, hot and humid. We decided we should go outside and find something to eat or do to avoid falling asleep before 9pm. So, we head out to explore. There’s a little mall not so far from where we’re staying and on the opposite direction we came across a nice patio area with food and karaoke. Oh yes, Italian karaoke. Here is where we learned our first word, or words of the day: “Bravo”, “Brava”, “Bravissimo”, “Bravissima”, “Bravi”.

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